Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolor Travel Tin


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12 x 5ml tubes in a metal box

The colors are chosen according to mass tone (color from tube), undertone (bias of color when in a thin film), color strength, relative opacity and the character of the pigment in water color, ie: granulating, staining or even wash. The resultant color spectrum ensures the largest number of colors can be mixed from the range.

The optimum brilliance of every color in the Professional Watercolor range is unparalleled by any other water color. Remarkably, this brilliance is combined with high permanence.

Contents Include:

12 x 5ml W&N Professional Watercolor Tubes

1 x Winsor Lemon
1 x Cadmium-Free Yellow
1 x Cadmium-Free Red
1 x Alizarin Crimson
1 x Permanent Rose
1 x  French Ultramarine
1 x Winsor Blue (Green Shade)
1 x Permanent Sap Green
1 x Yellow Ochre
1 x Burnt Sienna
1 x Burnt Umber
1 x Payne’s Gray



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