Uni POSCA Pastel Assorted Set of 24


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Uni, the manufacturers of the POSCA range, are known in their native Japan as the Mitsubishi Pencil Company, and their pencils are highly regarded (think Hi-Uni). They’ve now brought out some professional grade POSCA art pastels! This tin of 24 contains one each of every color available.

They have the same great qualities you’d associate with the paint markers: they’re long-lasting, with extensive coverage power, easy to use and there’s a wide-ranging palette. They contain more wax than oil, resulting in vibrant colors with a pleasingly smooth finish. It also means they’re clean to use, with little or no residue. Colors can be blended and overlaid, and you can stipple, cross-hatch and outline. They can also be heated to create texturing.

Their ergonomic shape makes them comfortable to hold and use, and they can be sharpened using a pencil sharpener or blade.

Suitable for use on a range of different surfaces, including pastel board and paper, wood, glass and fabric.

Wax Pastel:

  • smooth and soft drawing experience, sharp line without any stickiness.
  • allows for a wide range of color expression from light/pale to deep/dark effect
  • draws on almost anu surfaces (paper, glass, metal, plastic, wood, etc.)
  • easy color blending
  • light resistance

24 colors:

  • 1- white
  • 2- yellow
  • 3- bright yellow
  • 16- vermilion
  • 15- red
  • 14- dark red
  • 13- pink
  • 11- fuchsia
  • 12- violet
  • 10- Prussian blue
  • 33- blue
  • 48- sky blue
  • 8- light blue
  • 31- emerald green
  • 18- dark olive
  • 6- green
  • 5- light green
  • 72- apple green
  • 54- light orange
  • 78- light ochre
  • 21- brown
  • 22- dark brown
  • 37- gray
  • 24- black


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