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All Stevenson Acrylic Paints are rated as “Professional Artist Quality” and are manufactured with 100% acrylic emulsion. The pigments used in their manufacture are composed of traditional inorganic and modern organic pigments, all possessing a high degree of lightfastness. Only high-strength, permanent pigments are used in their formulation. They are quick-drying, flexible, non-cracking, and compatible with most other brands of acrylic paint. These heavy-bodied paints can be thinned with acrylic mediums or water, to produce watercolor or smooth, color-field effects. When applied straight from the tube or jar, brush strokes are easily retained and strong, sharp, impasto effects achieved. The colors of the Stevenson acrylic line dry to a uniform satin finish.

Paint Colour

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60 ml, 150 ml, 470 ml Jar, 1.125 L Jar, 250 ml Jar


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