Speedball Linozips Safety Cutter Set No.37


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Comes with No. 6 knife, No. 21 V-shape fine line, No. 22 V-shape med line, No. 23 U-shape wide line, and No. 25 U-shape large gouge cutters.

5 profile steel cutter blades for wood, lino, rubber carving. Interchangeable plastic handle with handle storage for the blades. These sharp cutters are best maintained with oil or water stone sharpening. Safe cutting with pull action over designs tracing.  Especially useful to cut sprue channels in silicon rubber molds. A product by Speedball USA.

Featuring a new twist-off end cap for easy cutter storage, these durable , hard plastic lino handles are designed to a higher standard. With a chrome plated secure chuck system, these handles make it easy to install and change cutters.

Safety Cutters

Ideal for beginners and students, these safety cutters reduce the risk of cutting injuries. Designed to incorporate the pull method of carving, they are buffed, honed and sharpened on the outside for optimal cutting precision.

User Tips:

  1. Choose the style and size cutter or gouge best suited to the type of cuts you plan to make.
  2. Loosen the chuck on the handle by turning it counterclockwise. Carefully place the cutter or gouge, sharp-side up, into the chuck as far as it will go. Turn the chuck clockwise to secure the blade in the handle. To avoid injury to yourself or damage to your artwork, never use a dull blade.
  3. Apply even pressure, and ease off when completing the cut. It is not necessary to dig deeply into the block.


Blades are extremely sharp. Use with caution.

Gouges No. 21, 22, 23, 25

No.6 Knife


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