Speedball Deluxe Calligraphy Collection


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Includes 2 pens, 3 nibs, 1 textbook and 12 ink cartridges (18 pack)

Calligraphy Collection Fountain Pen Deluxe Set

This Speedball® Calligraphy Fountain Pen Deluxe Set comes with: 2 pens, 3 nibs, size 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm plus 12 ink cartridges, 2 of each black, blue, red, purple, green, and pink. The stub nibs are machined for perfect tine spread with thick and gently rounded tips to be more forgiving. Dual ink channels deliver a consistent flow of Speedball’s extensively tested inks, which have achieved the ideal balance of viscosity and opacity. The pens also have universal, 2.6 MM ink ports, that work with other cartridges. Includes 24th Ed Speedball Calligraphy

  • Combination of comfort, performance and value
  • Includes pen, nibs, ink cartridges, and The Speedball Textbook
  • Great Value for artists, hobbyists, and enthusiasts
  • Twelve cartridges of ink included
  • 2 each of black, blue, red, green, purple, and pink cartridges



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