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Sennelier launches a range of water-dilutable ink brushes, ideal for bullet journal or lettering but also for watercolor painting.

Sennelier launches a range of 36 water-dilutable ink brushes. This brush, designed by Yves-Marie Salanson, the artistic director of Sennelier, is innovative in many ways:

First major innovation: these Brush Pens have real synthetic fibre brush tips! The innovation of the Sennelier Ink Brush Pens is to be equipped with a real brush tip made of real fibers unlike the many felt-tips on the market whose tip is a brush-shaped foam. Thanks to these real fibres, the application of the colour is more fluid, constant and linear, taking advantage of the internal capillarity of the brush to facilitate the dispersion of the colour. In the same gesture, the artist can create extremely fine and very wide lines (up to 10mm) with a continuous flow of ink, by simply varying the pressure of the tip on the paper.

The second innovation is the formula itself: Pigment based and exclusive to Sennelier, it is environmentally friendly, which explains why there is no safety marking on the label. 24 of the 36 colors are from Sennelier’s “La Petite Aquarelle” range. This correspondence allows watercolorists and illustrators to harmoniously complete the details and highlights of their works in watercolour.

Sennelier’s “Ink Brush” ink brushes will therefore be equally suitable for Lettering enthusiasts, Bullet Journal fans and watercolorists.

To remember:

  • Brush tip made of synthetic fibre
  • Water-dilutable ink, environmentally friendly.
  • Exclusive Sennelier formula
  • Pigment based
  • 24 colors identical to the colors of the range “la Petite Aquarelle”.
  • 12 iridescent colors
  • Precise tip, smooth flow
  • Slim design, close to the shape of a brush
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