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Rheotech Gloss Polymer Medium is a pourable, fluid medium used for extending colour and increasing the flow of acrylic colours. It is the medium of choice for wet on wet blending and glazing. Mix with colours instead of water to increase transparency and maintain good adhesion, flexibility and film integrity. Gloss Polymer Medium makes an excellent adhesive for mixed media, collage work and craft applications. Rheotech Polymer Medium is water-resistant and non-yellowing and can also be used as a transparent ground or clear coat. It is white when wet and dries transparent.

Rheotech now offers a Matte Medium. This pourable, fluid medium imparts a lightly toothy, matte finish to the paint can be used to extend colour, as a clear coat or transparent ground. Matte Medium also acts well as an adhesive and is the ideal transfer medium. It can be used to decrease the gloss of acrylic colours and mediums or to create matte glazes. Rheotech Matte Medium will retain brush strokes and subtle textures.

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