RGM Idea Line Palette Knives


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Innovative, functional, and lightweight, this range of palette knives is made fully of non-welded stainless steel, resulting in a very sturdy knife that can be used with chemical-based products. It also allows for easy clean-up as the knives can be washed in a dishwasher. The mirror-polished blades feature soft flexibility that enables ease of spreadability, while the rounded handle provides an excellent grip. For over 50 years, RGM has been producing distinguished fine artist tools designed for masters, professionals, and serious students. RGM exquisite painting knives and tools for carving, sculpting, and etching are made with the highest quality materials, following the tradition of artisans and artists. With the revival of painting knife work, RGM has to lead the avant-garde, offering innovative shapes and characteristics that yield new functionality for the artist. RGM paint knives are available in a range of over 250 models. Each tempered steel blade is hand-ground, providing unparalleled flexibility and spreadability.

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#17, #110, #35/8, #19, #13


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