Platinum Prefounte Fountain Pen


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Since its launch in 2007, the “Preppy” fountain pen series has grown in popularity among a wide range of age groups around the world. “Prefounte” a new brand for adults that boasts a sense of high quality while retaining the basic functions of the Preppy fountain pen is the new release from Platinum. Subdued colors are employed for the transparent body made of resin and the graphics are also kept simple while the metal clip adds accent to produce a chic, translucent appearance ideal for adults. Pen point made of an abrasion-resistant special alloy is welded into a nib made of stainless steel to provide an excellent writing feel. Prefounte fountain pen is equipped with the “Slip & Seal Mechanism” that prevents ink from drying out in the pen with the cap on for one year. For those who seek a smart and casual fountain pen, it is ideal for both business and daily use. Also recommended for fountain pen beginners.

Comes with one cartridge. To refill, Platinum cartridges can be purchased, or you can use a platinum converter to fill with any fountain pen ink.


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