Pebeo Oil Fine XL set of 4 + Palette Knife


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Discover Pebeo’s Studio XL fine oils, a superior quality range specially designed for artists who want to work with materials with precision and creativity. These fine oils offer a palette of intense, permanent and finely ground colours, allowing you to express your artistic vision. Thanks to their quick-drying properties, Studio XL Fine Oils give you the option of overcoating after just 3 days, so you can explore different techniques and layer paint with confidence. You can add unique details, textures and effects to your creations thanks to its smooth, responsive texture. The gloss-satin finish of Studio XL fine oils enhances the colours and gives a professional look to your work. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, these fine oils offer exceptional performance and versatility of use to meet all your artistic needs, whatever your medium: canvas, wood, paper…In addition to their exceptional quality, Pebeo’s Studio XL fine oils are distinguished by their modern colour palette. You will find a wide range of inspiring colours, allowing you to create vibrant and captivating compositions. Whether you want to work on landscapes, still lifes or portraits, Studio XL fine oils offer you a rich and varied palette to express your creativity.


  • Titanium White 200ml
  • Magenta 200ml
  • Primary Cadmium Yellow 200ml
  • Primary Phthalo Blue 200ml
  • Palette Knife


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