Pacific Arc Vinyl Board Cover. Self Healing and Stain Resistant Green/Ivory Sheet


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  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND DURABLE – Made of high-quality vinyl, this self-healing vinyl cover is perfect for any need. Make any work surface near impervious to damage. Made of a thick 5-ply self-healing flexible vinyl material.
  • LONG LASTING SAFEGUARD – Stain-resistant and self-healing, this table protector is a must-have for any work surface. The ideal self-healing cover for any table, drawing board, desk, or drafting table. It is also reversible for either an ivory or green drawing board.
  • CUT TO THE PERFECT SIZE – Available in pre-cut sheets or rolls, order the perfect size for your needs. Choose from a variety of different pre-cut sheets. Will adhere to surfaces with double-sided tape. Easily trimmed with any sharp knife.


It is Polyvinyl Chloride (H2C), aka PVC, aka “the world’s most versatile plastic”.

It isn’t natural, i.e. it does not occur naturally in the wild (no marauding herds of pugilistic PVC to worry your pretty little head about).

It is made from two basic components: ethylene (petroleum), and chloride (yes, chloride: common table salt).

It isn’t biodegradable (the salt part is mildly misleading) but it is recyclable.

It is self-healing: vinyl drafting board cover features five highly plasticized layers, when a cut is made through the top one or two layers the edges of the cut want to return to their former shape and position, thus the ‘self-healing’ effect.

It isn’t uncuttable: even though it is self-healing, the drafting board cover can be easily trimmed with a simple utility knife or box cutter.

PVC, the material from which vinyl drafting board cover is made, is extremely durable, surprisingly flame resistant, and can be produced easily and very cheaply in any color you wish (including clear), for an extremely wide variety of applications: think PVC pipe, shower curtains, wire insulation, shoe heels, golf balls, outdoor fencing, LP records, vinyl flooring, medical equipment and supplies, vinyl windows, decking, and – wait for it – VINYL DRAFTING BOARD COVER.

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