Pacific Arc Scholastic Acrylic Triangle Set, 30/60 and 45/90 Degrees


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  • CLEAR ACRYLIC TRIANGLES- These clear triangles are made of high-quality plastic. With two separate triangles, one with 30 and 60 degrees and the other with 45 and 90 degrees, be prepared for every situation with these drafting triangles. With a protractor cutout and french curve, these geometry triangles are the most versatile triangle ruler set there is.
  • EASY TO READ GRADUATIONS- With clean precise graduations in inches and centimeters, make accurate clean lines. These small triangle rulers are perfect for travel or school. Included is a reusable case, so you never have to worry about losing or damaging your triangles. Never make a wrong measurement again.
  • TWO DIFFERENT TRIANGLES- The 45-degree triangle has Inches and metric graduations with a protractor cutout for a full 180 degrees. The 30/60 degree triangle has full inches and metric graduations on it. Use either triangle for any situation. Their small size also makes it easy to fit in a bag or pocket. Perfect for a student or professional.
  • Pacific Arc Brand Product
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