Pacific Arc Professional Expandable Tubes


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Model Number: TUBE-5 / TUBE-6 / TUBE-7

Pacific Arc’s Professional Expandable Carrying Tubes are ideal for mailing and transporting documents and art work. All tubes include an adjustable shoulder strap and twist-locking feature. Jumbo Tubes are longer and have larger diameters for carrying extra-large work.


Available Sizes:

  • Tube-5 : 23.62″ to 13.30″/ 4.13 diameter
  • Tube-6 : 30.51″ to 53.15″/ 4.13 diameter
  • Tube-7 : 30.31″ to 53.15″/ 4.72 diameter
pacific arc carrying tube

Tube-05, Tube-06, Tube-07


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