Micron Pigment Liner Assorted Tone Sets


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Artists, writers, and illustrators reach for Pigma Micron to convey their personality, style, or ability, and to safeguard their work with the lasting quality of Pigma ink.

Pigma Micron pens are acid-free and archival, making them ideal for papercrafts, journals, illustration, crafts, or any application requiring precision and permanance.
Unlike dye-based ink found in most pens and markers, Pigma ink will not feather or bleed, even through the thinnest paper. Pigma ink is derived from a single pigment to ensure color consistency, and is fadeproof against sunlight or UV light. Pigma inks will not clog or dry out like most mechanical pens.
Pens are not refillable.
50163 3 pc set Cool Gray: 01 (.25mm), 05 (.45mm), 10 (.60mm)
50162 3 pc set Light Cool Gray: 01 (.25mm), 05 (.45mm), 10 (.60mm)
50047 4 pc set Brown and Sepia: 003 (.15mm), 005 (.20mm)

3pc Cool Gray, 3pc Light Cool Gray, 4pc Black and Sepia


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