Liquitex Gloss Medium


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  • NOT TO BE USED AS A VARNISH. Gloss Medium & Varnish has been renamed to Gloss Medium as it is not a true varnish and it will not protect your artwork like a varnish will. The formula has not changed, just the name.
  • All purpose Liquitex medium, formulated to be mixed into all Liquitex acrylic paints and mediums.
  • Mix into any acrylic paint to enhance the depth of color intensity, increase transparency, gloss, ease flow of paint    and add flexibility and adhesion of paint film.
  • Translucent when wet, transparent (clear) when dry.
  • Dries to a non-tacky, hard, flexible surface that is resistant to dirt retention.
  • Depending upon substrate, allows moisture to pass through (breathable).
  • Will not crack as surface expands and contracts during temperature and humidity changes.
  • Applicable for any surface (flexible and inflexible) including canvas, paper, wood, Plexiglas, etc.
  • Not for use over oil paint.

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