Liquitex Flow Aid (118ml)


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  • Use in conjunction with any acrylic medium or acrylic color when increased flow and absorption and decreased film   tension and friction are important.
  • A flow enhancer that improves the flow, absorption and blending of any water-soluble paint (i.e. acrylic paint),   medium, ink or dye.
  • Minimizes brush marks by reducing friction of paint application.
  • Does not contain binder. Over thinning of acrylic paint with Liquitex Flow-AidTM and applying to a non-absorbent   surface (i.e. gessoed canvas) may result in poor adhesion. Always make a test piece for your particular application   and surface.
  • On non-absorbent surfaces, will increase the fluidity and open (drying) time of the paint.
  • On absorbent surfaces, will act as a stain, dye or watercolor.


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