Finetec Pearlescent Color Set


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Finetec Pearlescent watercolours are an amazing range of high quality paints that come all the way from Germany. These paints are handmade using real mica – a naturally found mineral that shimmers and sparkles. Apart from their incredible shimmering qualities these paints are also lightfast and opaque which means they work beautifully on dark surfaces too! They can be used on various absorbent surfaces such as paper, wood and gypsum but special care should be taken with the finished product as the paint is not waterproof when dry. Framing behind glass or watercolour-friendly varnish is recommended for longevity.

Not only are these pearlescent paints great for adding special effects and highlights to artworks, they are also extremely popular for calligraphy. The best part about them is that the metallic particles don’t sink to the bottom like in other liquid inks. Because they are in pan form (without a liquid binder) the paint is much easier to control by adding your own water to create the desired consistency and quantity. These paints can be applied with a brush or if you wish to use a dip pen, you can load the nib with paint using a brush. Add some magic to your wedding invitations, birthday cards, name holders for dinner parties or a letter to a special friend – the list is endless!

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