Colour pencil tin Rijksmuseum – The Night Watch | 50 colours


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50 Colour Pencils – Artwork tin: Rembrandt van Rijn, The Night Watch.

This Coloured Pencil Set from Bruynzeel has been designed in collaboration with Rijksmuseum (the Dutch National Museum) to help inspire artists by reminding them of the old masters. The set of 50 pencils come in a lovely tin, they are made from high-quality pigments with colours that transfer well and give a lovely dense colour structure. They are ideal for applying several layers of colour on top of each other but also have the ability to blend well. The ends of each pencil are colour coded for easy selection.

This set contains 50 Coloured Pencils in the following colours: Burnt Sienna, Flesh, Brown Pink, Crimson Red, Light Flesh, Vermilion, Dark Red, Carmine, Permanent Orange, Madder Lake Light, Brown Ochre, Deep Yellow, Orange, Mid Orange, Yellow, Naples Yellow, Light Lemon Yellow, Yellow Brown, Yellowish Green, Leaf Green, Gold, Green, Olive Green Light, Chromium Oxide Green, Light Green, Deep Green, Emerald Green, Turquoise Blue, Sevres Blue, Viridian, Light Blue, Kings Blue, Indigo, Dark Violet, Mauve, Prussian Blue, Dark Pink, Candy Pink, Violet, White, Dark Gray, Dull Cold Gray, Cold Gray, Black, Black Intenso, Burnt Ochre, Dark Brown, Havana Brown, and Yellow Ochre.




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